About Daniel

Daniel Lewczuk

What did you grow up dreaming of becoming?

For Daniel Lewczuk it was pretty simple: become a Jedi knight, get to Mars and follow in John Carter’s footsteps, or find a portal with which to travel to Middle Earth. Although none of those things happened (yet) he did go on numerous mind-bending adventures as a cop for seventeen years.

These days he’s a small business owner, gardener, wood worker, and lives in southern Ontario where he’s a husband (married for 31 years to his remarkable wife, Donna) father to his three adult sons, and the proud owner of a warg (a kind of wolf, for those west of the Bruinen).

And, he’s the award winning short story author of, The Beckoning.

Lessons and Trivia About Daniel He Thinks You Should Know

  • If you have a massive comic book collection from when you were a kid, don’t sell it for a stereo.
  • Einstein said time is relative. Daniel knows this is true, as time always speeds up when he’s with his wife and sons.
  • Most kaiju movies are amazing, and any night is a good night to watch one.
  • Every day music: Ghost Ship, Stephen McWhirter, Zac Williams will do just fine.
  • Working out music: Gotta be Boston or a little Led Zeppelin.
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AND … remember you can read Daniel’s award-winning story, The Beckoning for free by clicking here.