Daniel Lewczuk, the Beckoning

The Beckoning by Daniel Lewczuk

Kidnapped children. A heinous monster. A mysterious power. 

William has always relied on his own strength to win battles. 

When marauders capture his wife and daughter, Willam embarks on a quest to rescue his family. His pursuit leads him to an island where he discovers that a hideous reptilian monster holds his family captive, along with 22 other children.

Certain his own strength can save him, William fights the monster. And loses. 

Wounded and defeated, William remembers an ancient creed he learned at the training academy. He uses the communication device in his helmet to send a desperate cry for help. 

Can William rescue his family before it’s too late? And should he risk his own life, and the fate of his family, to save the other children? 

The Mandalorian meets Brave Heart in this award-winning sci-fi short story set in ancient Celtic Ireland. 


The Word Awards
Daniel Lewczuk

What did you grow up dreaming of becoming?

For Daniel Lewczuk it was pretty simple: become a Jedi knight, get to Mars and follow in John Carter’s footsteps, or find a portal with which to travel to Middle Earth. Although none of those things happened (yet) he did go on numerous mind-bending adventures as a cop for seventeen years.

These days he’s a small business owner, gardener, wood worker, and lives in southern Ontario where he’s a husband (married for 31 years to his remarkable wife, Donna) father to his three adult sons, and the proud owner of a warg (a kind of wolf, for those west of the Bruinen).


Watch for Daniel’s debut novel in 2024